What is Dropshipping

Simply dropshipping means without having any product stocks you can sell products through your website and once you received any order you have to just pass the details to your supplier and supplier will directly deliver the product to your customer and you will get the profit margin. is that simple?

Benefits of Dropshipping

There are many benefits doing dropshipping business in Sri Lanka and there are.

  1. You don’t need to invest money to stock products because you have to just advertise products on your website which you receive from your supplier since products are directly shipped by the supplier, so no money needed and no warehouse space needed to stock products.
  2. You can decide the products prices by yourself to maximize the sales and profit margins. For example we say you got a price for a watch from your supplier as Rs 1000, and say your competitor selling same product for Rs 1500 and you can sell for Rs 1250 in your website to beat the price and by this way you can increase the sale and you will still get Rs 250 profit, let’s say you’re the only one having a product and none of the other websites doesn’t have this product you can keep high margin like Rs 2000 to increase the profit.
  3. Lower maintenance cost because you don’t need any office or staffs.

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